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Jan 15, 2024
Why Local Roofers near me Should Properly Ventilate Your Attic

Why Local Roofers near me Should Properly Ventilate Your Attic

The attic is is an important area of your home and it should be kept dry and free of moisture. In the attic, you may find electrical wires running across and if there is leakage, it could result in serious troubles. Also, the attic area should be properly ventilated to prevent build up of moisture. When you hire local Roofers near me to work on the attic area, ensure that they do ventilate it properly. A properly ventilated attic helps in the following ways:

Reduces Formation of Ice Dams

A poorly ventilated attic encourages ice dams to form. Ice dams are formed when ice on the roof melts and runs down then freezes again around the eavestroughs. With more and more ice melting, it increases the number of ice dams forming. The more ice melting runs into the ice dams and is stuck. Soon, the water may be forced to get under the roof shingles or underlayment resulting in lasting damage. If ice dams aren’t quickly dealt with, it can lead to extensive and expensive damage on the ceiling, walls, and insulation. Insufficient ventilation can trigger ice dams since the home is losing a lot of heat through the roofing thus more snow melts down.

Reduces Heating

During the summer, a poorly ventilated attic has a different problem, which is overheating. With too much heat building up within the attic it can lead to premature aging of the shingles and roof structure. It can result in warp or damage of wood frames. The heat may cause damage to paint, siding, and wallpaper.

Prevents Building Up of Moisture

Inside the house there are many things that produce moisture for example, when you shower and when you cook. If the attic is not well ventilated, it will collect that moisture, which may cling under the roof and enter the insulation of attic. You may have problems like shingle buckling, moulds growing, roof deck rotting or warping, and insulation efficiency reduced. When the ventilation of the attic is proper, it ensures the moisture doesn’t collect under the roof and is expelled to the outside.

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Helps Secure Warranties on Shingles

Building codes indicate that homeowners should have the ventilation areas done to the best practices. Poor ventilation can lead to damage, a roofing contractor need to ensure they apply the right standards when ventilating the attic. For the shingle warranty to remain valid, the manufacturers include the standards needed so that if they are not followed, the homeowner doesn’t get the warranty. If the attic isn’t properly ventilated, a homeowner may not have warranty to cover shingles when repairs are needed.

Roofing professionals and building codes stipulate that for every 300 sq ft attic space, a ventilation of 1 sq ft is needed. However, it can vary based on the structure of the roof and the climate. Whenever you are hiring local Roofers near me to do repairs or install a new roof, ensure that you ask them about the attic ventilation – whether it is adequate or needs to be added.

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