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Jan 15, 2024
Why Local Roofers near me Should Properly Ventilate Your Attic

Why Local Roofers near me Should Properly Ventilate Your Attic

The attic is is an important area of your home and it should be kept dry and free of moisture. In the attic, you may find electrical wires running across and if there is leakage, it could result in serious troubles. Also, the attic area should be properly ventilated to prevent build up of moisture. When you hire local Roofers near me to work on the attic area, ensure that they do ventilate it properly. A properly ventilated attic helps in the following ways:

Reduces Formation of Ice Dams

A poorly ventilated attic encourages ice dams to form. Ice dams are formed when ice on the roof melts and runs down then freezes again around the eavestroughs. With more and more ice melting, it increases the number of ice dams forming. The more ice melting runs into the ice dams and is stuck. Soon, the water may be forced to get under the roof shingles or underlayment resulting in lasting damage. If ice dams aren’t quickly dealt with, it can lead to extensive and expensive damage on the ceiling, walls, and insulation. Insufficient ventilation can trigger ice dams since the home is losing a lot of heat through the roofing thus more snow melts down.

Reduces Heating

During the summer, a poorly ventilated attic has a different problem, which is overheating. With too much heat building up within the attic it can lead to premature aging of the shingles and roof structure. It can result in warp or damage of wood frames. The heat may cause damage to paint, siding, and wallpaper.

Prevents Building Up of Moisture

Inside the house there are many things that produce moisture for example, when you shower and when you cook. If the attic is not well ventilated, it will collect that moisture, which may cling under the roof and enter the insulation of attic. You may have problems like shingle buckling, moulds growing, roof deck rotting or warping, and insulation efficiency reduced. When the ventilation of the attic is proper, it ensures the moisture doesn’t collect under the roof and is expelled to the outside.

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Helps Secure Warranties on Shingles

Building codes indicate that homeowners should have the ventilation areas done to the best practices. Poor ventilation can lead to damage, a roofing contractor need to ensure they apply the right standards when ventilating the attic. For the shingle warranty to remain valid, the manufacturers include the standards needed so that if they are not followed, the homeowner doesn’t get the warranty. If the attic isn’t properly ventilated, a homeowner may not have warranty to cover shingles when repairs are needed.

Roofing professionals and building codes stipulate that for every 300 sq ft attic space, a ventilation of 1 sq ft is needed. However, it can vary based on the structure of the roof and the climate. Whenever you are hiring local Roofers near me to do repairs or install a new roof, ensure that you ask them about the attic ventilation – whether it is adequate or needs to be added.

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Jan 15, 2024
Why Hire a Roofer Committed to Safety When Doing Roof Replacement

Why Hire a Roofer Committed to Safety When Doing Roof Replace



A roof repair or installation is a challenging task that requires the right skill and safety.  Climbing up the roof presents may risks and without safety precautions, it can lead to serious injuries from fall.  Roofers who do roof placement and repair need to be trained on working at heights.  When repairing or replacing a roof, there will be workers on the ground and others at the top, all need to handle the equipment and tools properly to ensure safety.  A simple thing like handing over metal sheets to a roofer up there can lead to serious problems when the sheet suddenly falls.  Similarly, a tool like a hammer may accidentally fall hitting a worker who is at the ground. 

Before you sign a contract with a roofer, make sure that the workers are properly trained and inquire about the kind of safety precautions and measures they will take while on site to keep them safe.  A roofing contractor that has workers trained to work at height ensures that the safety culture is cemented on-site.  It helps prevent falls and ensures that workers that are at risk understand the dangers presented by falls.  The workers need to be knowledgeable about the use of fall protection equipment.

The injuries occurring at work when installing or replacing a roof may be caused by falls and negligence while working at heights.  Although a roofing contractor may have insurance to cover such unexpected injuries, it is always important that the accidents be prevented in the first place.  Proper training on safety helps reduce the roofing accidents.

When hiring a roofer, make sure that you ask about their health and safety training.  If you have a contractor who employs workers to handle projects, a training qualification on safety is very essential.  The adherence to safety should complement the workers compensation insurance and general liability.  You are held liable if something goes wrong for example, a worker employed by a roofing company is injured or your home suffers damage.  You may end up paying for the repairs or medical costs just because the workers were not properly trained on safety or the roofing contractor didn’t carry the insurance cover needed to protect you and the workers of the contractor. 


The quality of workmanship provided by a roofer is to some extent determined by the ability to ensure safe working environments.  Having roofing contractors record high incidents of accidents at work may indicate that something is wrong with the workers.  They may not be properly trained, and it can put the homeowner at risk.

When you have a roofer who has insurance and safety training you minimize disputes and ensure both you and the workers are protected when doing roof replacement.  It helps reduce unexpected costs that may come in form of liability for accidents like tripping when climbing up the ladder to access the roof top.  It minimizes accidents like falling objects that may damage the floors, windows, walls, or other parts of the home.  Falling objects can also hit the workers working on the ground leading to injury or even death of a worker.   

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Jan 15, 2024
5 Electrical Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention From Industrial Industrial electricians Toronto

5 Electrical Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention From Industrial Industrial electricians Toronto

All across the world where there’s electricity a significant number of home fires are as a result of an electrical fault. These fires attributable to electrical faults end up causing deaths, permanent physical injuries to some of the surviving victims and destruction to property. The comforting thing to know is that these fires are preventable with the assistance of Industrial electricians Toronto since they will be able to spot a potential cause of fire early on and put in place remedial measures.
Below are the electrical emergencies that demand you contact an Industrial electrician as soon as possible.

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Failure of the systems

Period homes are especially susceptible to system failures because when they were being built there weren’t so many gadgets, devices and appliances that required electricity to operate. They are thus highly prone to getting overburdened and shutting down. This could be triggered by the fuses blowing or the circuit breaker(s) tripping. But regardless of whether the fuses blew or the circuit breakers tripped, they are all a sure sign that there’s more current being drawn than what the system was designed to handle. There’s no other remedy for this other than to upgrade the electrical system.

The dimming and flickering of lights

Sometimes lights keeping dimming and flickering and this is a symptom of an electrical system that’s unable to handle the current demands. This could happen even with a modern electrical system and is mostly evident when heavy electricity users such as the air conditioning system and the refrigerator are in use all at the same time. When such power-intensive appliances are plugged in to the very same electrical circuit then they will no doubt cause the lights to dim or flicker. In such a case the solution is to have the power-intensive gadgets and appliances connected to a separate circuit that’s dedicated solely to them.

An overabundance of extension cords

Believe it or not a significant number of electrical fires in homes are attributable to extension cords. The extension cords by themselves pose no danger; rather the problem is they way they are put to use. Because a lot of households lack adequate power outlets, the few ones that are available end up being overburdened with extension cords. What needs to be done in such a situation is to hire an Industrial electrician who will install additional power outlets and eliminate the problem of overloading extension cords. And this solution comes with an extra benefit – the danger of falling and risking injury once you trip over extension cords is taken out of the equation.

Heat from power outlets

When power outlets including sockets and switches get warm or hot to the touch, there’s definitely a problem that requires immediate attention. Such abnormal warmth or heat is an indication that the circuit has had too much power demand placed on it.

Aged electrical infrastructure

The older a house is the more the likelihood that there could be potential problems lurking within its electrical systems. This could range from outdated circuits to rusted wires to poor wiring. To eliminate the potential hazard the wise thing to do is to get a qualified technician to perform inspections.

By not ignoring signs that point to potential problems with your electrical system, you are improving on the safety of the residents. Electrical contractors Toronto are qualified to handle any kind of electrical problem you may have.

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