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Jan 15, 2024
5 Electrical Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention From Industrial Industrial electricians Toronto

5 Electrical Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention From Industrial Industrial electricians Toronto

All across the world where there’s electricity a significant number of home fires are as a result of an electrical fault. These fires attributable to electrical faults end up causing deaths, permanent physical injuries to some of the surviving victims and destruction to property. The comforting thing to know is that these fires are preventable with the assistance of Industrial electricians Toronto since they will be able to spot a potential cause of fire early on and put in place remedial measures.
Below are the electrical emergencies that demand you contact an Industrial electrician as soon as possible.

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Failure of the systems

Period homes are especially susceptible to system failures because when they were being built there weren’t so many gadgets, devices and appliances that required electricity to operate. They are thus highly prone to getting overburdened and shutting down. This could be triggered by the fuses blowing or the circuit breaker(s) tripping. But regardless of whether the fuses blew or the circuit breakers tripped, they are all a sure sign that there’s more current being drawn than what the system was designed to handle. There’s no other remedy for this other than to upgrade the electrical system.

The dimming and flickering of lights

Sometimes lights keeping dimming and flickering and this is a symptom of an electrical system that’s unable to handle the current demands. This could happen even with a modern electrical system and is mostly evident when heavy electricity users such as the air conditioning system and the refrigerator are in use all at the same time. When such power-intensive appliances are plugged in to the very same electrical circuit then they will no doubt cause the lights to dim or flicker. In such a case the solution is to have the power-intensive gadgets and appliances connected to a separate circuit that’s dedicated solely to them.

An overabundance of extension cords

Believe it or not a significant number of electrical fires in homes are attributable to extension cords. The extension cords by themselves pose no danger; rather the problem is they way they are put to use. Because a lot of households lack adequate power outlets, the few ones that are available end up being overburdened with extension cords. What needs to be done in such a situation is to hire an Industrial electrician who will install additional power outlets and eliminate the problem of overloading extension cords. And this solution comes with an extra benefit – the danger of falling and risking injury once you trip over extension cords is taken out of the equation.

Heat from power outlets

When power outlets including sockets and switches get warm or hot to the touch, there’s definitely a problem that requires immediate attention. Such abnormal warmth or heat is an indication that the circuit has had too much power demand placed on it.

Aged electrical infrastructure

The older a house is the more the likelihood that there could be potential problems lurking within its electrical systems. This could range from outdated circuits to rusted wires to poor wiring. To eliminate the potential hazard the wise thing to do is to get a qualified technician to perform inspections.

By not ignoring signs that point to potential problems with your electrical system, you are improving on the safety of the residents. Electrical contractors Toronto are qualified to handle any kind of electrical problem you may have.

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